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Washes & Monthly Plans

Lite Wash                          $5.00

Plus Wash                        $7.00

wheel clean, double soap, wheel blaster

Deluxe Wash                   $10.00

Plus wash + under flush, heat dry and tire shine

Buddy Bear Special     $15.00

Deluxe wash package + Lava Foam and Simoniz Carnauba Hot Wax Ceramic

All Plans Wash with fast pass at any location. 
Limit One Per Day

30-Day Plans

Plus $19.99 cash/credit
Deluxe $25.99 cash/credit
Buddy Bear Special $39.99 cash/credit

Monthly Automatic Re-charge Plans

Plus $17.99
Deluxe $23.99
Buddy Bear Special $37.99


Wash EVERYDAY! (limit one per day)
ANY location with FASTPASS!

Clean Car Happy Life!

Visit our newest locations or search for the location that's closer to you. We are always improving and opening new locations. 

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